Top Growth data for the 2018-19 school year released today by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) that measures individual student’s academic growth towards mastery shows that Akili Academy continues to outperform the state average on their growth towards mastery in both ELA and Math. Akili Academy ranks in the top half of all open-enrollment K-8 schools in New Orleans in both ELA and Math.

Akili’s scores reflect that scholars are performing in the top quarter of open enrollment K-8  schools in New Orleans in ELA and the top half of open-enrollment K-8 schools in New Orleans in Math.

“Our Akili team is dedicated to providing scholars an exceptional education that prepares them for the next level of study towards mastery, or above,”  shared Allison Lowe, Principal of Akili. “Akili is one of the best PK-8 open-enrollment schools in NOLA at growing students because of our amazing scholars, rigorous academic standards, and committed staff.” 

Akili Academy serves more than 600 PK-8 students.