Staff Spotlight: Anthony Rankins


rankinsAnthony Rankins teaches 7th grade Science at Akili Academy and also serves as a Math Interventionist. An experienced teacher with nearly five years in the classroom, Rankins holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Auburn University. He joined the Akili Academy team in 2014.

Rankins said he was drawn to education as a career because of the potential impact that he could have on his community through teaching. “I have always wanted to see my community succeed,” he said. “As I witness growth in my scholars, I also find growth within myself. Having an impact in young lives, not only through education, but also as a mentor and positive figure to our scholars, is the most rewarding experience you can have as an educator.”

When asked about his favorite part of teaching at Akili Academy, Rankins said he finds the team atmosphere and unity to be inspiring.  “One of the most rewarding experiences at Akili is working with so many unique individuals, all striving toward the common goal of education,” he said.

Rankins said that although he has only been at Akili Academy for one year, he has already grown and transformed as an educator. “I have improved my professional approach towards teaching since becoming a part of the Akili team,” he said. “At Akili, there is a culture of high-level productive feedback that has created a setting where everyone is constantly self-improving. I believe that through this feedback and training, I have grown more in my first year at Crescent City Schools than I did in my four years at other school systems.”

He added that the culture of the Crescent City Schools network ensures that all scholars have the opportunity and motivation to succeed, regardless of outside factors that might seem to be obstacles. “As an open enrollment charter network, I think that Crescent City Schools has a culture that every child can be successful,” he said. “Crescent City Schools instills in its team that despite socioeconomic background and previous educational attainment, we must look beyond these factors and focus only on the highest level of success for every student.”