Staff Spotlight: Thomas Coates Welsh


Thomas Coates Welsh is a K-4 special education resource room teacher at Akili Academy. A graduate of Michigan State University, Coates Welsh will be beginning his sixth year as an educator this August.

At a young age Coates Welsh knew he wanted to become an educator. “I come from a family of teachers and special educators; growing up I was always insipred by their stories and experiences in the classroom,” he said. He also attributes his motivation to pursue a career in education to his own teachers. “My teachers were always pushing me to do my very best. I knew I wanted to have the same impression on a child someday.”

When asked about his favorite part of teaching, Coates Welsh said it is the impact he is able to make in the classroom that affects lives outside of the classroom. “Helping families and students find the resources they need to succeed can be incredibly rewarding,” he said. He added that this has also become one of the biggest challenges he faces. “Finding resources that are available to everyone in the community can often be complicated. I am grateful for being able to work with a team at Akili that is always available to help with these needs; it has become vital to our success as we work together.”

Coates Welsh attributes his growth to the team at Crescent City Schools and Akili Academy. “I have the resources to push my teaching to the next level, along with a wonderful team of people to help address all student needs,” he said. Coates Welsh acknowledges that his time at Akili is giving him the opportunity to grow not only as a teacher, but also as a leader.