allison lowe

Principal, Akili Academy
Joined the Team in 2013

Allison Lowe is the Principal of Akili Academy of New Orleans and has been an educator for the past 19 years. She has experience teaching diverse student populations in a variety of classroom settings, ranging from 7th grade special education inclusion classes in Alexandria City Public Schools, to AP Literature and Composition in Fairfax County, to undergraduate English and graduate Education courses at the University of New Orleans. Over the past 19 years, Allison and her scholars have worked together to narrow the achievement gap in public education. During her time in Fairfax County, Allison’s AP Literature scholars, who were a part of an open enrollment Advanced Placement program, earned on average an 85% pass rate on the exam, which far exceeded the national average of 60%. Additionally, her eleventh graders, who were part of the special education inclusion program, consistently earned above a 97% pass rate on Virginia’s end of course state exam.

Prior to assuming the position of principal at Akili Academy, Allison worked as the school’s Director of Curriculum and Instruction for grades 5-8 and led students in testing grades to achievements on Leap and iLeap that resulted in a 10-point gain in Akili’s School Performance Score. Under Allison’s leadership, the percentage of students reading on grade level at Akili has increased by 15 percentage points in the past two years, from 44% of students reading on grade level in 2014 to 59% of students reading on grade level in 2016.

Under Allison’s leadership, Akili has also demonstrated its readiness and capacity to create innovative programming in response to the needs of students. Beginning in 2014, Akili developed a personalized learning program, which strives to meet each student where they are through a combination of whole group instruction, personalized learning software, and small groups. Akili’s personalized learning program expanded in 2015-2016 to provide all students in grades K-8 with personalized learning. Allison holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary English education and a master’s degree in the teaching of English.